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About us

Get to know more about us here at ProMeasure.

About ProMeasure

ProMeasure Consulting is a specialized boutique consultancy with offices in central Copenhagen, Stockholm and Zürich area. Operating across Europe, our excellent team specializes in advisory, change management, and technical services for end-to-end CRM Omnichannel solutions in commercial and medical operations, serving our Pharma & Life Science Industry customers and end-users.

We believe that a positive working environment is crucial for the success of our people and our customers. We strive to create a great place to work by encouraging open communication and transparency.

All ProMeasure People are responsible for contributing to maintaining a great working environment. We offer an international, dynamic, and accommodating environment that allows individuals to have a significant impact on shaping their workday and roles. We value open communication, decency, respect, and inclusivity for everybody.

Our teams in Copenhagen, Stockholm and Zürich area collaborate to provide advise, development, and deliver on projects ensuring consistent high quality. We are Preferred Veeva Services Partner, Veeva Content Partner, Veeva MyInsights Partner as well as OCE Integration Partner, and App Partner. At ProMeasure, our employees continuously seek knowledge and enhance their skillsets through ongoing training and professional development. We highly value and encourage knowledge sharing, communication, and collaboration.

Our Values

ProMeasure serves people and ensures purpose for clients and employees by developing processes to secure pristine performance. 

We focus on our clients' wants and needs by lifting each other - both internally and externally. We are all in the same boat, aligned on the same direction, while demonstrating a positive mindset, in a welcoming and collaborative environment.

Our purpose of building professional and value adding solutions goes for both our clients as well as our employees. We help people, who are helping people that need help, and here at ProMeasure we can't think of anything, that provides more purpose and satisfaction than passionately helping the Pharma and Life Science industry, help  physicians help patients.

By helping clients improve and execute their processes, we assist in organizing procedures that standardize and streamline their work. Our clients find quality assurance in being guided through industry-standard best practices. 

Much like our clients, ProMeasure have ambitious plans to grow and continuously develop our skillset and specialize thoroughly. We all work together towards the same goal and  benefit from our collective team resources. We provide a rewarding culture for passionate individuals who strive to deliver excellent performance. 

Meet the team

Get to know the people behind ProMeasure Consulting.

Tina Høst Jørgensen: Managing Director & Owner
Tina Høst Jørgensen
Managing Director & Owner

René Jørgensen: Senior Director, Business Development & Owner
René Jørgensen
Senior Director, Business Development & Owner
Dorte Ertbøll: Director, Business Development
Dorte Ertbøll
Director, Business Development

Niels Roest: Senior Business Consultant
Niels Roest
Senior Business Consultant

Karoline Diderichsen: Commercial Excellence Consultant
Karoline Diderichsen
Commercial Excellence Consultant
Amal Lahdjel: Commercial Excellence Consultant
Amal Lahdjel
Commercial Excellence Consultant
Andreas Järvstrand: Commercial Excellence Consultant
Andreas Järvstrand
Commercial Excellence Consultant
René Ørtenblad: Commercial Excellence Consultant
René Ørtenblad
Commercial Excellence Consultant
Alessio Baldoni: Commercial Excellence Consultant
Alessio Baldoni
Commercial Excellence Consultant
Mam Fatou Bensouda: Content Marketing Consultant
Mam Fatou Bensouda
Content Marketing Consultant

Kristina Thorning Madsen: Kristina Thorning Madsen
Kristina Thorning Madsen
Project Resource Coordinator

Pernilla Holmström: Commercial Excellence Consultant
Pernilla Holmström
Commercial Excellence Consultant
Lanna Larshagen: Commercial Excellence Consultant
Lanna Larshagen
Commercial Excellence Consultant
Zoltán Horváth: Managing Director
Zoltán Horváth
Managing Director 
Máté Karika: Senior Commercial Excellence Consultant & Vault Specialist
Máté Karika
Senior Commercial Excellence Consultant & Vault Specialist
Pauline Millaard: Managing Director
Pauline Millaard
Managing Director