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Collecting, Analyzing & Reporting Data
Analytics and Data Reporting (Title) (1)

What gets measured, gets done, is a statement that holds true for most of us. Yet many companies struggle with either not measuring or measuring the wrong things. We at ProMeasure understand the importance of effective measurement and the impact it can have on your business. We offer solutions that ensure visibility, access, and actionable insights, enabling you to achieve increased productivity, better forecasting, and improved sales. With improved visibility into your operations, you can make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and drive meaningful change within your organization.

At ProMeasure, our mission is to support you in measuring the right things and leveraging data-driven insights to propel your business forward.

FieldDay Admin (Title) (Title) (1)

If you are interested in tracking the number of calls per field day, it is a simple calculation of dividing the total number of calls by the number of days spent in the field, providing a measure of your sales team's performance. It seems like a great key performance indicator (KPI) and easy to implement, however, in practice, it often turns out that the days when the office is closed are forgotten and not registered as 'Time off Territory.' Our research has shown that this can easily result in a full working week per representative, per year, being inaccurately registered as a week in the field.

When assessing your sales performance based on field days, it would be convenient to have accurate data registered without relying on management to manually track if the field force remembered to log their days off-territory.

Our application offers an easy-to-manage service that includes:

  • Mass updates of company-wide Time off Territory records
  • Ensuring consistency across the sales team
  • Individual or team updates
  • The ability to add, select, and deselect specific days for all or some users
  • Access to data for 80+ countries worldwide
  • Easy installation with automatic updates

The FieldDay Admin Tool simplifies the process by loading this data for all SalesForce/Veeva users with just a few simple clicks, significantly improving the quality of data.

MyInsight Reports (Title) (Title) (1)

Provide your team with real-time, actionable insights directly on their iPads. Our easy-to-use MyInsights reports cover a variety of CRM core areas, such as Multichannel Cycle Plans, Account Plans, and common or custom KPIs defined by you. We offer two templates, one for a classic Cycle Plan and one for Multichannel Cycle Plans. Additionally, we can develop a custom dashboard with your desired KPIs.

Our Engagement Dashboard highlights key areas for the KAM, including:

  • Call distribution: which channel is most used and which is the least.
  • Coverage: Is the KAM following their Cycle Plan?
  • Frequency: How many calls per day is the KAM executing?
  • Frequency Attainment: How many targets has the KAM achieved 100% attainment?

With these dashboards, your team will have key SFE KPIs directly in their hands, allowing them to monitor their own performance and streamline their work by showing their most valuable customers and important figures.

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