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Change Management

Digital transformation strategies should focus less on the technology itself and more on the organization within which it operates. Change management, as a communication process, addresses the organization's needs that must be understood. By adopting this approach, organizations can effectively minimize risks, enhance product quality, and make faster decisions.

At ProMeasure Consulting, we can provide you with the assistance needed to start and guide you through the entire process.

Customer Journey

Do you understand what motivates your customers, their needs, and which channels they use? Are your activities aligned to your customers? At ProMeasure Consulting, we can assist you in gaining a better understanding of your customers buying behaviors and preferred channels and platforms for engagement. We also strive to understand why some customers choose not to make a purchase. By identifying barriers or concerns they may have, we can address those issues and refine our approach to better meet their needs.

Overall, our services are designed to address all these considerations and provide you with a strategic advantage in reaching your customers, delivering the right information, and achieving the greatest impact.

Digital Maturity Assessment

The objective of the Digital Maturity Assessment is to establish a shared understanding of the current state and basis for prioritizing digital activities and investments. Having a unified strategy across your organization is essential to being agile, efficient, and delivering value to your customers.

At ProMeasure Consulting, we are dedicated to assisting you throughout the entire setup process, providing the necessary guidance and support to ensure a successful implementation.



With years of experience, we here at ProMeasure Consulting have developed a comprehensive understanding and extensive best practices that enable us to assist our customers in conducting a 360-degree health check, known as DOT (Digital Operations Transformation). Through DOT, we identify and visualize pain points and present a combined Blueprint/Digital Roadmap that will enhance your digital costumer activities.

Let us assist you in creating a highly practical set of deliverables that will accelerate your digital operations.

Event Management

Are you looking for an add-on that facilitates the planning and execution of events, catering to both large and small gatherings in multinational environments? Look no further than Veeva Event Management, the ideal CRM add-on for you. This comprehensive solution enables seamless event planning and execution. With this add-on, you gain complete control and visibility over attendees, speakers, and all event activities, ensuring a smooth and organized experience.

At ProMeasure Consulting, we are committed to assisting you throughout the entire setup process, providing you with the necessary guidance and support to ensure a successful implementation.


The best practice is to have a structure that gathers, evaluates, prioritizes, and decides on changes needed for the system based on need and budget, in order to set the tactical and strategic direction. Having a governance structure in place does not need to be complicated, and our suggestion is to start out simple but smart.

Let us provide you with the assistance you need to get started and guide you through the entire process.

Multichannel Marketing

Have you taken the initial steps to precisely define your omnichannel objectives and key milestones while ensuring alignment across your omnichannel cross-functional team? Embarking on a journey without a clear destination is akin to wandering aimlessly. Begin your journey by conducting an omnichannel maturity assessment, identifying key pain points along the path to your desired outcome, and meticulously planning the first step of your venture. Omnichannel marketing is a multifaceted endeavor that involves multiple stakeholders, necessitates diverse skills, strategic objectives, and harmonious utilization of technologies to meet expectations.

Here at ProMeasure, we possess the expertise to assist you in initiating this process and guiding you towards success.


Trust is a critical factor in driving adoption. When you invest in training, you not only gain trust in your platforms and processes but also ensure that your users will effectively utilize the system in the correct manner and at the right time. At ProMeasure, we understand the importance of training in maximizing the value of our services for our customers. That's why we offer a range of comprehensive training programs tailored to meet different needs and ensure our customers get the most out of our services.

Our goal is to empower our customers with the knowledge and skills they need to fully leverage our services and achieve their desired outcomes.

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