About Us

We take pride in assisting those who aid others

ProMeasure Consulting is a specialized boutique consultancy with offices in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Budapest, and Zürich area. Operating globally, our team of highly skilled specialists consult life science clients on strategic and tactical challenges, change management, and provide technical services for end-to-end CRM solutions in commercial and medical settings.

Pharma and Life Science industry CRM partners

We take great pride in maintaining the highest professional standard in our work and always providing independent advice to our clients. ProMeasure’s independence and high professional standard is witnessed by our large portfolio of certifications which include: Veeva Preferred Service Partner, Veeva Content Partner, Veva MyInsights Partner as well as OCE Integrations Partner, and Salseforce.com App Partners.

“We all collaborate and align on one direction demonstrating a positive mindset in a welcoming and accommodating working environment”

– Tina Høst Jørgensen, Partner & Board Member



Nørregade 15
1165 Copenhagen K


Kungsgatan 64
111 22 Stockholm


Bönirainstrasse 14
8800 Thalwil


Izabella Utca 68/B A. Iház, Fsz. 5 Ajtó
1064 Budapest

Meet the team

Our people are our biggest asset and we know it! That’s why People is our key value and why our focus is on encouraging creativity, skill development, job satisfaction and offering a good and flexible place to work. Meet the people behind ProMeasure Consulting.


ProMeasure Consulting

René Jørgensen

Managing Director & Founder

ProMeasure Consulting

Dorte Ertbøll

Director, Business Development

ProMeasure Consulting

Niels Roest

Senior Business Consultant

ProMeasure Consulting

Karoline Diderichsen

Commercial Excellence Consultant

ProMeasure Consulting

Amal Lahdjel

Commercial Excellence Consultant

ProMeasure Consulting

Andreas Järvstrand

Commercial Excellence Consultant

ProMeasure Consulting

Alessio Baldoni

Commercial Excellence Consultant

ProMeasure Consulting

Kristina Thorning Madsen

Project Resource Coordinator

ProMeasure Consulting

Tina Høst Jørgensen

Partner & Board Member


ProMeasure Consulting

Pernilla Holmström

Commercial Excellence Consultant

ProMeasure Consulting

Lanna Larshagen

Commercial Excellence Consultant


ProMeasure Consulting

Zoltán Horváth

Managing Director, ProMeasure Hungary

ProMeasure Consulting

Máté Karika

Senior Commercial Excellence Consultant & Vault Specialist


ProMeasure Consulting

Pauline Millaard

Managing Director, ProMeasure Switzerland

Join ProMeasure

Being a part of ProMeasure Consulting, you take part in an open and inviting culture. we’re not only versatile but also welcoming, and everybody contributes to our healthy and ever developing work environment.

Unsolicited Applications

We always welcome unsolicited applications so please apply if you could see yourself as part of our team and would like to be part of

Commercial Excellence Consultant

ProMeasure Consulting seeks highly skilled Commercial Excellence Consultants to join us in either Budapest, Stockholm, or Copenhagen.