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To ProMeasure Consulting

Welcome to ProMeasure Consulting, a Business consultancy truly dedicated to Life Science and digital.

We work out of Copenhagen, Stockholm and the Zürich area and have substantial experience from Life Science and Med Tech. At ProMeasure Consulting we are truly #PassionateAboutYourBusiness. We diligently focus on our clients' needs and take responsibility for deliveries. We align on content, tasks and direction of projects. We aspire persistently to provide a positive challenger mindset to ensure the best possible outcome for you objectives.  

Strategic Partners

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Our Services

Here at ProMeasure Consulting, we offer a wide range of services, ranging from extensive end-to-end CRM support to consulting. Our services are designed to assist you in setting up systems, challenge and support you, and ultimately ensure that your work is smooth while maximizing the benefits of your systems and integrations.

End to End CRM Support

Here at ProMeasure Consulting, we are avid fans of CRM, and we have a strong passion for data. We specialize in daily implementations of Veeva CRM and work as a partner with the Veeva Team to ensure business objectives and processes.


“You Get What You Measure” - This truth still stands, and here at ProMeasure, we are always eager to assist and provide the correct actionable insights to the correct person. Having reports available is just as important in PromoMats as in CRM.


Are you experiencing strategic or tactical challenges? Here at ProMeasure Consulting, we have many years of experience in Life Science and Commercial Operations. We can assist in challenging the status quo and share best practices.

Contact Us

Get in touch and learn more on how we can assist you in getting the most value from your costumer relationship management investments.