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ProMeasure Consulting

ProMeasure Consulting ready for upcoming Pharma and LifeScience industry CRM shift

ProMeasure Consulting, a specialist advisor to the Life Science and Med Tech industry, is thrilled to announce its strategic rebranding initiative. In an industry that
ProMeasure Consulting

Letting Your Me Reflect in Our We

Like many other well-functioning and healthy organisations, ProMeasure Consulting work with our values and company culture as compass and guiding stars.

Unveiling Time off Territory (ToT) Real-life Case Study: Revisiting CRM Setup

In a recent workshop, we had the opportunity to delve into the Time off Territory (ToT) reasons set up within a customer's CRM.
ProMeasure Consulting

Streamlining Time off Territory Data in Veeva CRM: Insights from Sales Management

In the domain of pharmaceutical CRM implementation, the discourse surrounding Time off Territory (ToT) registration often delves into complexity.

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