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Letting Your Me Reflect in Our We

ProMeasure Consulting

Like many other well-functioning and healthy organisations, ProMeasure Consulting work with our values and company culture as compass and guiding stars.

René and I are long time partners – in life as well as in business. Our relationship developed into parentship, and into leadership and ownership. As leaders we are at the very bow of the ship. We set the course and constantly care and prepare for what comes.

We manage and steer the ship safely through both sunshine, light breeze, torrential rain, and storms and this is our most important work and eternal focus.  Our definition of leadership and ownership is that we might get the full effect of the waves and the rain that comes, and we also get the full effect when the sailing is smooth. In all kinds of situations, we stand firm stubborn with our vision and course and flexible with the plan. 

We share values, beliefs, courage, and ethics and continuously support, motivate, and inspire to cascade these in our company and its people. We are immensely proud of ProMeasure and all ProMeasure People working with our clients to bring insights, knowledge, and the most value possible from their CRM investment. Our way of working is apparent in everything from everyday challenges over strategic goals to developing a gem of an organisation.

Demonstrating leadership and taking ownership require a substantial amount of love, dedication, and compassion. And it goes for both the collaboration with clients on their projects and the work with our ProMeasure People. Leading with love means to stand completely out in the bow and take care of everything that comes. The difference and importance lie in how we let everybody’s Me reflect in our We.

To ensure continuous development, our company values are anchored in our culture, vision, mission, strategy, and way of working. We focus on meticulous planning, excellence in execution and close follow-up on both external and internal work tasks and projects. 

We’re the agile team of CRM and commercial excellence experts who challenge and support our clients to reach commercial excellence results beyond what would be possible without us. 

We are a company of fours.

  • Companies in four countries
    • Denmark
    • Sweden
    • Switzerland
    • Hungary
  • Four values
    • People
    • Purpose 
    • Process
    • Performance
  • Four yearly Company Days where we get together across functions and countries.
  • Four core services
    • Consulting & Advisory
    • Customer Engagement Management
    • Commercial & Medical Content
    • Insights & Actionable Analytics

Our core purpose and way of working support, inspire, and motivate our Pharma & Life Science clients to gain the full potential of CRM and build commercial excellence supporting both the human and technical organisation. 

At ProMeasure Consulting we believe that a good working environment is essential for the success of our people, our clients, and the company. We value, encourage, and expect open communication and an environment of decency, respect, and room for everybody.

Our values are People, Purpose, Process, Performance. Our ProMeasure People as well of our clients are always at the centre of our attention, and everything is done with our Purpose at heart and mind. We value questions about the why, which keeps us motivated and on course. Processes are there for good reasons helping people navigate and providing structure and focus. Dedication and perseverance drive Performance and are necessary to stay focused reach goals.  

ProMeasure works at accommodating locations. We are particularly happy about our office in Copenhagen, which is centrally located and furnished with equal parts ergonomic sense and with welcoming, high-quality facilities. We encourage an informal and accommodating working culture and make it a badge of nobility to create room for differences – and lots of diligent work.

Providing exciting development opportunities for our people is close to heart and we work passionately and diligently to inspire and motivate stellar performance. We set of structures to create clarity and calm on mutual expectations and deliverables.

Having a great place to work is not a matter of course, but a joint responsibility of all ProMeasure People. Everyone is expected to contribute to our international, dynamic, and accommodating environment with distinct space and opportunity to impact the shape of our workday and development.

All ProMeasure people must continuously seek knowledge and enhance their skillsets by sharing knowledge and staying abreast of certifications and developments in business and tech. Our formal as well as informal collegial collaboration and open and transparent communication are key success factors for all ProMeasure People.

We are passionate about our clients’ business. And we are committed, compassionate and passionate about our business.

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