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ProMeasure Consulting ready for upcoming Pharma and LifeScience industry CRM shift

ProMeasure Consulting

ProMeasure Consulting, a specialist advisor to the Life Science and Med Tech industry, is thrilled to announce its strategic rebranding initiative. In an industry that is undergoing exceptional levels of change, ProMeasure Consulting is embracing the change and reflecting the growth with its own rebranding.

Customer Relationship Management in the Pharmaceutical industry will not be the same. 

Veeva Systems, a cloud-computing company focused on pharmaceutical and life sciences industry applications, is making a significant transition by splitting from Salesforce as of September of 2025. This move will affect the entire Life Science and Pharma industry, as a majority of small and medium sized pharmaceutical companies are using Veeva Salesforce CRM for the commercial engagements. Pharma CRM is changing and will not look the same in years to come. Small and Medium size pharmaceutical companies need advisory services to navigate this change, or they risk falling behind/having non-optimal setups and miss market opportunities as a result. 

“The upcoming changes to the CRM landscape will create a battle of market titans with Veeva and Salesforce competing head-to-head for the life sciences vertical, and platform decisions made now have impact for years to come. ProMeasure wants to partner with pharma SMB’s in the transition progress, as we know and recognise the needs of small and medium sized pharma companies for an engaged and competent partner to help them navigate the change”

– René Jørgensen, Managing Director & Founder

ProMeasure Consulting’s continuous growth and position as an agnostic CRM expert puts them in the position to be that trusted partner to facilitate a path through the rough waters of transition with sturdiness and determination. ProMeasure Consulting excels in the execution of commercial strategy where our teams can partner closely with clients and secure operational effectiveness and results. To support this, ProMeasure Consulting has undergone a comprehensive rebranding process, meticulously crafting a fresh identity that reflects its core values, vision, and commitment to excellence. ProMeasure Consulting has enhanced their Core Offerings and now offers an expanded suite of services, including customer engagement strategies, commercial and medical content management e.g. modular content, and cutting-edge CRM services.

Our rebranding journey is more than just aesthetics—it’s about telling a compelling story. ProMeasure Consulting is committed to providing life science companies with actionable insights, driving growth, and fostering meaningful connections.

“Our rebranding isn’t just a cosmetic change; it’s here to mark a strategic leap forward. ProMeasure has successfully advised, implemented, supported, and motivated clients with getting the most value possible from their CRM investments in the past 10 years. We want our visual identity to reflect the high-quality service we deliver. Our new brand embodies our unwavering commitment to technical development, precision, and client success.”

– Tina Høst Jørgensen, Partner & Board Member

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For interviews, additional information, or media inquiries, please contact:
Dorte Ertbøll
Director, Business Development
Email: dorte.ertboell@promeasure.eu

About ProMeasure Consulting

ProMeasure Consulting is a boutique consultancy specializing in end-to-end CRM services for the Pharmaceutical and Life Science Industry. We empower clients with data-driven insights, as we support, inspire, and motivate customers to utilize the full potential of CRM systems.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates from ProMeasure Consulting as we embark on this transformative journey. Follow us on LinkedIn.

ProMeasure Consulting is Preferred Veeva Services Partner, Veeva Content Partner and Veeva MyInsights Partner as well as OCE Integration Partner, and Salesforce.com App Partne

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