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Streamlining Time off Territory Data in Veeva CRM: Insights from Sales Management

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In the domain of pharmaceutical CRM implementation, the discourse surrounding Time off Territory (ToT) registration often delves into complexity. René, drawing from experience with various pharma companies, offers insights on simplifying Off-Territory data and pick lists within Veeva CRM.

Understanding the Relevance of Time off Territory:
ToT holds significance for both HR and Field Force Management. HR tracks contractual regulations, vacation, sick leave, and legal requirements like jury duty. For Sales Management, ToT data aids in sales efficiency tracking. However, the level of detail required for Sales Management reporting differs from HR needs.

Simplicity is Key:
To ensure agility in business operations, René suggests keeping ToT reporting simple. While HR may require intricate details, Sales Management benefits from a concise pick list. Providing CRM users with 4 to 7 pick list values ensures a mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive list (MECE).

Key Metrics for Sales Management Reporting for Sales Managers:

1. Regular Field Day: Assumes 8 hours of field work.

2. Evening or Weekend Work: Outside contractual expectations.

3. Work-Related ToT: Includes internal meetings crucial for salesforce effectiveness.

4. Non-Work Related/Personal ToT: Covers personal time off (PTO) or public holidays.

Picks for the Pick List:

Based on these metrics, we suggest the following pick list values:

1. PTO (Personal Time Off)

2. Vacation (Optional)

3. Customer Time (working in a different territory – e.g., congress)

4. Approved Flex Time (Optional)

5. Public Holidays

6. Administration

7. Internal Meetings (sales/cycle meetings)

Additional considerations like travel time and training may warrant separate records, but simplicity is paramount to avoid excessive time spent on reporting.

Simplifying the pick list data streamlines management reporting, aids salespeople in reporting, and aligns with GDPR principles. René emphasizes the importance of discussing ToT reasons relevant to Sales Management reporting, focusing on high-level information to maintain clarity in performance analysis.

Striking a balance between strategy, working processes, and data granularity is crucial. Too many details can obscure the bigger picture, hence the need for a streamlined approach to ToT reporting in Veeva CRM.

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